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Frank Azar

Frank Azar Class Action & Mass Torts

Frank Azar has invested years doggedly working toward his clients’ best interests. Mr. Azar has utilized his experiences to examine his clients’ claims, and assist them through the legal process as thoroughly and efficiently possible.

Though the bulk of his practice revolves around bringing justice to injury victims that cannot stand up against the large insurance companies, Frank Azar is capable of helping large groups of individuals at once through class action and mass tort lawsuits.


Just what is a Class Action?

A class action is simply a sort of legal action set forth on behalf of a group of people. Usually, each participant in the group experiences the equivalent issue or collection of issues. Due to the large amount of people, as a concern of economy, it is really much more effective to bring one reason for action. Delivering a solitary reason for action protects against several judgments, provides a considerably greater number of individual’s accessibility to the judicial system, and enables people to merge their resources to craft their case tremendously more powerful. It is difficult to detail each of the participants of the group, referred to as ‘the class,” and thus a handful of people are chosen from the group in order to serve as a class representative. Often, individuals who function as the class representatives are the same people that first came to Azar with a grievance.

What is a Mass Tort?

Mass torts are actually distinct from other types of personal injury lawsuits, and posses, at minimum, three unique qualities which set them apart from others. When it comes to one point, mass torts consist of the engagement of sizable amounts of cases that concern a single product or device. Furthermore, despite the fact that there are multitudes of plaintiffs associated with mass torts, the fundamental truths and concerns in disagreement are comparable, or even identical, across each of the various claims. Ultimately, various cases in mass torts possess a connection in worth.

Frank Azar has successfully represented groups of affected individuals in various class action and mass torts, including Pharmacists employed by Wal-Mart, hourly employees employed by Wal-Mart, and is currently building a case representing individuals who have been injured as a result of a metal-on-metal hip implant that has malfunctioned.

Some of Azar’s other cases include helping individuals that have been injured during surgery where the Da Vinci Robot has been used. It is thought to be a less invasive surgery, but now we are finding out that more and more people have actually been injured and require multiple follow up surgeries to fix the damage done by the robot.